Sunseeker Duo


Sunseeker Duo


The Prototype for the Future

Sunseeker Duo is designed to share the unique experience of flying a solar powered airplane. It is built with a passion for flying and for adventures; it is a tribute to aviation pioneering.
— Irena Raymond

The Sunseeker Duo realizes Solar Flight’s dream of a practical, high performance, two-place solar powered airplane. With the new airplane, Solar Flight will continue its quest to expand the performance of electric and solar powered aircraft. Like its predecessors, Sunseeker Duo will embark on continental expeditions and attempt to establish multiple official aviation records. Most importantly, the Duo will let Solar Flight share the first hand experience of flying a solar powered airplane with others.

Sunseeker Duo Public Debut at AERO Friedrichshafen 2013

The Sunseeker Duo is built with no compromise to be the highest performing solar powered airplane in the world. It is also the first and only solar powered airplane with two seats.

The Duo incorporates all of the best features of the other Sunseeker aircraft and adds many refinements, as well as improved technologies. The solar cells used by the Duo are 50% more efficient than those used by Sunseeker II. While Sunseeker II is able to cruise in level flight on direct solar power, the Duo will have enough power to maintain a steady climb on direct solar power. The tricycle landing gear arrangement, familiar to all pilots, ensures that the Duo will operate normally at any airport in the world and folding wings give the airplane a hanger footprint no larger than a Cessna 172. The airplane can also be quickly disassembled and packed into a custom trailer.

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