FAI Henri-Mignet Diploma for Eric Raymond

  • Post published:24.09.2015
  • Post category:Event

Henri Mignet was a legendary French amateur aircraft builder, and designer of the popular ‘Flying Flea’. This Diploma was established by the FAI in 1984 upon a proposal by the FAI Amateur Built Aircraft Committee. This diploma is awarded each year to an amateur aircraft builder or a group of builders, who have developed an aircraft of any category and has one or more of the required characteristics:

   – Low cost of operation and of building,

   – Simple design,

   – Ease of construction and maintenance,

   – Outstanding flying characteristics,

   – Special features and innovative concept,

   – Alternate fuels, use of alternate materials and low noise levels.

Eric Raymond has been nominated for FAI Henri-Mignet Diploma for 2015 and he received this award for his demonstration of Solar-Powered Aircraft for sport and adventure flying.

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