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Located in the Po River valley, lies the quiet airport Eric and Irena Raymond have chosen for the home of their flying adventures.  The Voghera – Rivanazzano airfield is halfway between Milan and Genoa, and is a convenient drive from either of the international Milan airports.

Starting in Spring of 2020, Solar Flight Inc invites you to come for a flight in the all electric airplane SUNSEEKER DUO and their conventionally powered Stemme S-10VT.  Both have very similar cockpits for two people since the SUNSEEKER DUO was built in the Stemme molds, thanks to the generous support of Dr Reiner Stemme.

Flying in both airplanes will allow our guests to compare conventional piston engine flight with the State of the Art in the field of quiet electric propulsion.

The SUNSEEKER DUO was designed with the user experience in mind, with safety foremost.  It is equipped with a ballisticaly deployed whole airplane parachute, so there is no need to wear backpack parachutes in case of an emergency.

No headsets or other ear protection are used since the cockpit is so quiet as to allow normal conversations while in flight. The electric motor is mounted far to the rear, so the only sound in the cockpit is the mild swishing of the propeller through the air.

Both aircraft are fully equipped with dual controls, so guests can try their hand at flying.  The SUNSEEKER DUO in particular is easy to fly, and can be flown so slowly that stalling the wing is almost impossible.

Flying in an electric aircraft for the first time will ignite your curiosity as to the possibilities for future electric aircraft of all sizes and uses.

Eric Raymond and his team at Solar Flight has been developing and flying solar-electric aircraft since 1986, first flight in 1989.  After flying across the United States in the single seat SUNSEEKER during the summer of 1990, Eric started thinking about the possibilities for a two seat aircraft.  Both to share the work load on long cross country flights as well as opening the possibility to allow passengers the experience of an electric flight.  Looking at existing aircraft in the mid 1990’s the new Stemme S-10 was chosen as the best design existing, with conversion to electric propulsion in mind.

To experience and insights into the Stemme design, Eric Raymond bought one in 1998, and operated it commercially in Hawaii between 1999 – 2000, giving rides and lessons on the island of Maui.

Convinced that this was the best platform for a solar powered two seat aircraft, Eric approached Dr Stemme about the possibility of building an electric version.  This began a collaboration that continues, and will hopefully lead to series production of a high performance electric touring motor glider.

All that lies in the future, but right now you can book a flight or plan a flying vacation with Solar Flight in their State of the Art electric airplane.

7 Days UNLIMITED flying    6000 Euros

5 Days​ UNLIMITED ​flying  –  4000 Euros

3 Days UNLIMITED flying  –  2600 Euros

1 Day UNLIMITED flying  –  1000 Euros

These packages include airport pickup at either Milan airport and return.  Bed and breakfast in Salice Terme.  Non flyable days we offer a 350 Euro refund and alternate activities based on the customers interests. Typically day trips to Genoa, Milan, or other countryside destinations.

Duo to COVID-19 please contact us to discuss current options.

For people that make their own arrangements to get to our airport, we offer ala carte flights:

Flight up to 1.5 hours     300 Euros

Flight up to 3 hours  –  450 Euros

*Customer weight limit is 100 kg

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