Solar Flight Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture, and testing of aircraft with particular expertise in advanced materials, lightweight structures, and the integration of solar power systems in aircraft. With decades of experience in the workshop and in the sky, Solar Flight has brought aircraft from the concept phase through flight testing many times. Many of the projects that Solar Flight has worked on in the past or is currently engaged with remain classified or confidential.


  • Aircraft Design
  • Fabrication of light-weight structures from carbon prepreg
  • Consulting on advanced composites use for the aerospace industry
  • Fabrication of light-weight propellers
  • Fabrication of curved, light-weight solar panels for the aerospace and marine applications
  • Airframe integration


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Talks by Eric Raymond

Eric Raymond, founder of Solar Flight, is exploring the limits of the potential of solar energy since 1986. As an engineer, aircraft designer and builder, test pilot and adventurer,
he likes to share his experiences with audiences around the globe.

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Past engagement

Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing company

Photo Courtesy of Aurora Flight Sciences

Design and fabrication of hgh altitude solar powered drone.

Facebook Aquila

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Tooling and fabrication of pre-preg carbon fiber propeller blades for Aquila solar powered airplane.

University of Stuttgart E-Genius/CAFE Green Flight Challenge

Team leader and pilot for NASA Green Flight Challenge.

Solar Impulse HB-SIA

Airframe integration and solar panel design.

Yuneec E-430

Composites technology and process development.

1comet by Donat Bösch

Photo Courtesy of 1comet

Composites technology and process development.


Photo Courtesy of NASA

Design, fabrication and testing of small and medium size UAVs.

Lockheed HALE-D Airship

Photo Courtesy of Lockheed

Lightweight solar panel design and fabrication

DARPA/Boeing Vulture UAV

Design consultation

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Mobile: +386 30 794 796
Mobile: +386 40 798 131