Sunseeker Duo gets Dynamic Propeller balancing

  • Post published:22.02.2015
  • Post category:Event
Today we dynamically balanced the SUNSEEKER DUOs propeller, with equipment supplied by SMART AVIONICS in the UK.
The process is easy and the equipment is user friendly. No display is provided. The equipment sends the data real time by Bluetooth to an Android tablet and the software immediately gives you advice as to where to add a balance weight and how much.
After just a few runs, we were able to reduce the vibration from the propeller to 1/20th of what it had been.
Only two small units were needed to be temporarily installed, an accelerometer behind the prop bearing, and an optical tachometer, that times the propeller speed and location. An internal battery is charged from a USB cable when not in use. Well worth it for a smooth and quiet flight!  More information about the equipment available at
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