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Solar Flight and Skype for Business

July, 2016

Since Solar Flight is using Skype on a daily basis, it was wonderful to be involved in filming of a TV commercial for Skype. Having online conference calls, sharing screens and messaging helps communicating with coworkers and partners and it boosts productivity.
Solar Flight was honored to work with a professional film crew and results are here:
Skype website, Introducing Skype meetings, How to use Skype meetings

Sustainable Aviation Symposium, San Francisco

May 6-7, 2016

Eric Raymond presented a short background on the lineage of  electric aircraft and detailed information on both the SunStar and the 6 seater, leading to a 10 seater.  Eric was also sharing insights of travels through Switzerland and crossing of the Alps in the Sunseeker Duo.
Photo:  Sustainable Aviation Foundation,

Solar-electric 6-seat transporter

November 20, 2015

One of the biggest challenges facing aviation today is to protect the environment. The airplanes need to become more efficient, cleaner and quieter. At Solar Flight the environmental commitment continues with further development of larger and better electric aircraft.
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FAI  Henri-Mignet Diploma for Eric Raymond

September 24, 2015

Henri Mignet was a legendary French amateur aircraft builder, and designer of the popular ‘Flying Flea’. This Diploma was established by the FAI in 1984 upon a proposal by the FAI Amateur Built Aircraft Committee. This diploma is awarded each year to an amateur aircraft builder or a group of builders, who have developed an aircraft of any category and has one or more
of the required characteristics:
- Low cost of operation and of building,
- Simple design,
- Ease of construction and maintenance,
- Outstanding flying characteristics,
- Special features and innovative concept.
- Alternate fuels, use of alternate materials and low noise levels

Eric Raymond has been nominated for FAI Henri-Mignet Diploma for 2015 and he received this award for his demonstration of Solar-Powered Aircraft for sport and adventure flying.

Crossing of the Alps with the Sunseeker Duo

August  2-7, 2015

Eric and Irena Raymond repeated the 2009 adventure of the Sunseeker II, crossing of the Alps in both directions this time with the Sunseeker Duo.
The mission was to stop and show the airplane at different airports. For the final destination, Munster-Geschinen airfield in Switzerland was chosen, which is a perfect starting point to explore the Swiss Alps and visit the highest peaks and glaciers. Eric and Irena Raymond decided to fly to Torino Aeritalia airport on August 2, 2015 and then continue to Switzerland.
On August 3rd 2015, Eric and Irena Raymond  climbed up the foothills, with low clouds at the base of the Italian Alps. They crossed the high mountains near Zermatt and then detoured to the Aletsch Glacier, Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch. The distance flown was 384 km and the maximum altitude they reached was 4090 m. The battery pack was completely charged after they landed.

The weather on August 5th, 2015 was very promising so Eric Raymond and his hang gliding friend Stefan made a flight over the Aletsch Glacier, meanwhile Irena Raymond together with the ground crew went to the top of the Eggishorn, with a long telephoto lens to take pictures of the Sunseeker Duo flying over the glacier. In the late afternoon, Irena's daughter Janja, who was part of the ground crew, got a panoramic flight around the Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch, as well as the Rhône Glacier.

On Friday August 7th, 2015 Eric and Irena Raymond took off for the flight to their home base, headed first to the Matterhorn and then direction south, toward Genoa. The flight was very easy in comparison to the crossing of the Alps a few days earlier, in the opposite direction. The weather in the Alps was more than perfect. The Matterhorn just got covered with a cloud cap when they approached it, however, the view on this giant, steep mountain was spectacular. ''The maximum altitude we climbed was 4545 m. We could easily go much higher, unfortunately we do not have a dual oxygen system yet.'' said Eric Raymond. Descending toward the Po valley the air was became hotter and the visibility was poor. After 230 km and less than 4 hours Sunseeker Duo reached her home base.
More photos On our SmugMug website:

CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium 2015

May 1-2, 2015

On May 1, 2, 2015, the world’s leading experts gathered for the 9th Annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium (EAS IX) in the beautiful Sonoma County Wine Country. Eric Raymond presented the first 2-seat solar powered aircraft in the World, Sunseeker Duo and also his new design, 6-seat solar-electric aircraft. 

Sunseeker Duo gets Dynamic Propeller balancing

February 22, 2015

Today we dynamically balanced the SUNSEEKER DUOs propeller, with equipment supplied by SMART AVIONICS in the UK.
The process is easy and the equipment is user friendly. No display is provided. The equipment sends the data real time by Bluetooth to an Android tablet and the software immediately gives you advice as to where to add a balance weight and how much.
After just a few runs, we were able to reduce the vibration from the propeller to 1/20th of what it had been.
Only two small units were needed to be temporarily installed, an accelerometer behind the prop bearing, and an optical tachometer, that times the propeller speed and location. An internal battery is charged from a USB cable when not in use. Well worth it for a smooth and quiet flight!  More information about the equipment available at
January 31, 2015

We are proud to announce that we received the honor of GoPro's Photo of the Day.

Solar Flight flies with Air Cost Control

November 7, 2014

Solar Flight's projects continue to gather momentum. Air Cost Control has joined our elite group of High-Technology partners.

Air Cost Control is an electrical hardware specialist and the leading supplier of electrical components to the major players in the Aerospace industry including Airbus, ATR, Eurocopter, Dassault Falcon, Daher Socata and others.
Now, supporting Solar Flight with the crucial electrical components, Air Cost Control powers the World's first two-seat solar aircraft the Sunseeker Duo. These components will be used to upgrade the Sunseeker Duo electrical system for better efficiency and weight reduction.
“We are pleased to partner with the Air Cost Control, Worldwide Interconnect Product Specialist. Air Cost Control's range of electrical hardware is optimal for Solar Flight's projects, as the components are low-weight and that is what our solar airplanes need,” said Eric Raymond, Solar Flight founder and CEO.

Unveiling of the SUNSTAR design

October 29, 2014

Following on the success of the SUNSEEKER DUO, Solar Flight has gone public with their long awaited next aircraft design, the tri-motor SUNSTAR.  Lightweight solar powered aircraft are the ideal solution for a myriad of tasks, orbiting above all other air traffic.
Based on proven SUNSEEKER technology, it has been designed from the outset as optionally manned. Flight testing with a crew onboard will speed the development and reduce risks during critical development phases.
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